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8 ideas from business tycoons that will change the world

Our world will never be the same. Many are concerned about how to change it (certainly, for the better), including those people who cause the greatest admiration in the business world.

Some of the selected leaders were given the opportunity to post a detailed answer to the question raised by LinkedIn, a popular social networking site for business people: “What problem, innovation or event will change the world in 2013? What “big idea” are YOU betting on? ”

The results were impressive, as the leaders of completely different fields shared their views, and we have the opportunity to get acquainted with them.

1. Richard Branson

Founder of the Virgin Group

Richard Branson, in his message, emphasized improving the quality of education and healthcare, as well as the environment in which we live. He said: “I would like the business community to pay close attention to the failures we are experiencing in the fight against drugs and make humane decisions aimed at education and healthcare, rather than criminalization and imprisonment. Let’s make 2013 the “Year of the Break of Taboo.”

As a member of the World Commission on Drug Control, he also noted that, instead of criminalizing possession of marijuana, the government can tax those who do so (this issue has been under consideration for more than two years), and encouraged to look at examples of other countries, such as Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands, which have adopted alternative strategies and shown promising results.

2. Sally Kravchek

Former Merrill Lynch President, US Smith Barney Trust

Sally Kravchek very clearly expressed her idea that the future lies in improved working conditions for women. She said: “That is, in order to achieve significant progress, smart companies will build career opportunities that are much more flexible than they currently exist. They will provide real “flexibility without shame” – when the company adapts to a working mom, and not vice versa. And don’t say that such conditions already exist – if that were so, 60% of working mothers would not dream about it. ”

She also pointed out that women, after deciding to have children, are divided into two groups. Most of these women are forced to opt for part-time work, while the rest must leave their jobs for the entire length of maternity leave.

According to her, if this type of gender difference is eradicated, the GDP of the US economy will grow by 9 percent.

3. T. Boone Pickens

Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BP Capital and TBP Investment Management

The founder of BP Capital and TBP Investment Management was more concerned with resources such as oil and natural gas.

His thoughts were expressed absolutely transparently. He said: “The gold rush of the twenty-first century is actually shale – what we need is oil and natural gas. Huge deposits of these important resources were discovered all over the country, which means not only economic growth, but also additional jobs. ”

In conclusion, he added that his “big idea” in 2013 would be to simultaneously promote intellectual and natural energy from Washington for the benefit of all states.

4. Brad Smith

President and CEO Intuit

Brad Smith’s idea of ​​changing the world in 2013 was to distribute data.

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Instead of focusing on big business, he thought about small traders and suggested how they can improve the results of their work.

He said: “Not a single momentous event or killer application will mark this change, although, in fact, we are experiencing a revolution. Data is the raw material of our innovative era. Slowly but surely, 2013 marks the beginning of a new era in which we all have to live. ”

5. Bill Gross

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Idealab

Rising temperatures affect the environment in many ways. Bill Gross raised a number of issues related to climate change.

In his message, he spoke in detail about how fast the temperature of the Earth rises, and also mentioned the effects of global warming.

He made it clear that already in this century, humanity will run out of fossil fuels, and this can be extremely painful for the whole world. Of course, people will have to switch to renewable sources of energy and provisions, and the sooner such changes begin to occur.

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