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How to generate ideas?
There are not many inventive people among us who are capable on the fly of generating interesting and creative ideas for business and other spheres of human activity. It takes…

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How to generate ideas?

There are not many inventive people among us who are capable on the fly of generating interesting and creative ideas for business and other spheres of human activity. It takes many days, weeks, and years to “give birth” to something more or less meaningful. This is sad, you say, and you will be right. But we have good news for you. Buckwheat has fallen in price! A joke, of course. Good news is that there are some methods that facilitate the process of generating ideas, facilitate birth, so to speak.

These are the techniques.

1. Brainstorming
Posted by Alex Osborne
The basic principle is to separate in time the generation of an idea and its criticism. Each participant puts forward ideas, others try to develop them, and the analysis of the decisions received is carried out later. Sometimes they use the “silent” version of the brainstorming – brainwriting, when ideas are written on a piece of paper, which the participants pass on to each other, introducing new considerations that have arisen.

2. Six hats
The author is Edward de Bono.
The technique allows you to streamline the creative process by mentally donning one of six colored hats. So, in a white person, he impartially analyzes figures and facts, then puts on a black one and searches for negative in everything. After this comes the turn of the yellow hat – the search for the positive aspects of the problem. Wearing green, a person generates new ideas, and in red can afford emotional reactions. Finally, the blue is summed up.

3. Mental maps
Posted by Tony Buchan.
In his opinion, creativity is associated with memory, which means that strengthening memory will improve the quality of creative processes. However, the traditional recording system with headings and paragraphs prevents memorization. Buzen suggested putting a key concept in the center of the leaf, and write down all associations worthy of memorization on the branches emanating from the center. It is not forbidden to reinforce thoughts graphically. The process of drawing a map contributes to the emergence of new associations, and the image of the resulting tree will remain in memory for a long time.

4. Synthesis
Posted by William Gordon.
Gordon believes that the main source of creativity is in the search for analogies. First you need to select an object and draw a table for its analogies. All direct analogies are written in the first column, and indirect ones in the second (for example, the negation of signs of the first column). Then you need to compare the goal, the object and indirect analogies. Let’s say the object is a pencil, the task is to expand the assortment. A direct analogy is a volumetric pencil, its negation is a flat pencil. The result is a pencil bookmark.

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5. The method of focal objects
Posted by Charles Whiting.
The idea is to combine the features of different objects in one subject. For example, they took an ordinary candle and the concept of “New Year”. New Year is associated with sparkling sparklers, this sign can be transferred to a candle. If you wipe the Bengal candle into powder and add it to the wax, you get a “New Year” candle with sparkling crumbs inside.

6. Morphological analysis
Posted by Fritz Zwicky.
The object must be decomposed into components, select from them several significant characteristics, change them and try to connect again. The output will be a new object. For example, you need to come up with a business card for a perfume company. If you change the classic rectangular shape and the effect on the senses, you can get a triangular business card with the smell of perfume.

7. Indirect strategies
Authors – Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt.
A deck of cards is taken on which a set of commands is recorded (for example, “give vent to anger”, “steal a decision”, etc.). When creating a new idea, you need to pull out the card and try to follow its instructions.

8. Bus, bed, bath
The method is based on the belief that a new idea not only ripens in the depths of the subconscious, but also actively breaks out. And so that it manifests itself, it is only necessary not to disturb it. A new idea can come to mind anywhere, even in places that are not suitable for this. A classic example is Archimedes with his bathtub.

9. Decryption
An incomprehensible inscription in a foreign language is taken – say, hieroglyphs. In the head of the person who is considering it, different associations will be born. One teacher, for example, having “seen” water and three circles, decided to open his own business and began to deliver oysters.

10. The trap for ideas
This technique involves an inventory of all emerging ideas: they can be slandered onto a recorder, recorded in a notebook, etc. And then, if necessary, refer to your notes.

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