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Business idea for opening a mobile car wash

Probably, each of us faced the problem of quickly and efficiently washing the car, especially when the weather pleases the mood, and the bright sunshine, on such days a full house is going on in the car wash. A queue of 5-10 cars, and so far, recording until night and getting into the night will still be difficult, but all this is of course “peak days”.

On ordinary days, there are, of course, no queues at the car wash until night, but it’s also a rare situation to call in the washing box right away. People who think about their business, standing in line, calculate, figure out what expenses and income are at the car wash, already thinking about opening their own car wash. But there it was, all dreams are crushed to dust when we start to count:

1. Purchase of a land plot on a busy highway that meets all the requirements for the functioning of a car wash (sewer, water supply). On average, a normal site will cost 1,000,000 rubles.

2. Construction of the car wash complex itself. The cost of course will depend on the scope and ambitions, but take at a minimum, two posts, a technical room and a room for customers, the total area of ​​200 m / 2. It will cost an average of 5,500,000 rubles in Russia (not counting, of course, Moscow).

3. Equipment, high-pressure apparatuses, etc. – another 300,000 rubles.

4. Advertising is necessary for any business – we all know this very well, in our case we need an excellent signboard – 100,000 rubles.

5. Access roads, asphalting – 200,000 rubles.

6. And the most interesting thing is the coordination and obtaining permits from all regulatory authorities, in our case, the SES will be the biggest problem, they say this document can be received up to six months. Electricity networks, firefighters – this will not be difficult.

What do we have in the end? And we have the total amount for the opening – 7.000.000 rubles.

Agree, the amount is not small, but even then we considered everything to a minimum, which is not always correct …

And now we’ll calculate what kind of profit a car wash can bring us.

It is correct to assume that there are 25 washing days in a month, the remaining 5-6 days are rains and other downtime. In a busy place, two boxes can wash more than 50 cars in one shift at an average load. If the washing is round-the-clock, then in the second shift there will be about 30 more cars on average. Total per day, we have 80 sinks.

The cost of one washing is not high, it is a salary for a washer in the form of 30% and expenses for chemistry, electricity, water. In Russia, the car owner on average leaves about 350 rubles when placing a car wash. Accordingly, 350-30% -20 (chemistry water light) = 245 * 80 (sinks) = 19.600 rubles per day. Agree, a decent income, even with the deduction of expenses for the salary of the administrator and other small expenses. In a month we have about 400-500 thousand clean.

For a car wash to bring such an income, natural things are needed – an abundance of customers in this place (a very carriageway), and, of course, the time for promotion, according to the experience of car wash owners, is one year.

Of course, we took it all superficially, without delving into working moments and problems, working with personnel, servicing equipment, drains and other things.

And how do you now look at a new approach to this business? How to lather millions without multi-million investments? All ingenious is simple. Mobile Car Wash – Have you ever thought that a car wash could come to you? What does not have to stand in line? What can you wash the car in any shopping center that you visit every day … And most importantly, you will not need a drop of water ?!

At first glance it seems that this is fantastic nonsense, but there it was …

It turns out that already for several years in Russia and some CIS countries, the technology of dry car washing has been actively developing, the technology that brings to our life one interesting company – Mobile Washing, which bases its business on this service using its own unique means for waterless washing ” Dry. ”

What is the principle of mobile washing, there are several options:

1. Car washers are permanently based on parking lots of large shopping and business centers, where there are an abundance of potential customers. Naturally, the washers are officially registered, having an agreement with the shopping center itself. This may look in several variations – the client leaves an order at the reception (which is located in the parking lot or in the shopping center itself), or the administrator contacts the client himself and fills the order without bothering the client to go somewhere.

The washing takes place right at the parking place – where the client left his car. You don’t have to go anywhere, go into boxing or get anywhere else. Typically, a couple of washers clean the car in 20 minutes, which differs from the usual water washes, where the waiting time can be as much as an hour, not counting, of course, an easy queue and a round trip.

2. In the second option – mobile dry car wash washers – will come to you themselves. Everything is simple enough for the client, you need to call the operator, leave your order – where and at what time you need to wash.

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