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Simple BUSINESS IDEA in the field of entertainment.

Our reader, who is involved in the Segway rental business, sent us his story about how he raised this rather interesting and profitable business in the entertainment niche from scratch. This is especially true now, before the start of summer. We give him the microphone.
What should be an ideal small business? In our opinion, it should be simple in organization, interesting, easy from the point of view of taxation, preferably without hired employees or their minimum number. It is also quite mobile, without serious capital investments, and even more so investments that in the business themselves will not be profitable, but will only be a liability that will then be difficult to get rid of (premises, expensive equipment, and so on). Well, with minimal monthly costs for maintaining the business.

This is exactly the kind of business I was looking for for myself back in 2009, when the network of my computer stores in the city of Yekaterinburg, slowly after the crisis, began to fade away. To be honest, I no longer wanted to work in the retail sector, as I was tired of it.

It took a lot of money to maintain a business, it was necessary to pay rent for three premises, a salary for employees, taxes and a host of other expenses.

As a result, I found a business for myself that completely suited me.
I opened the first in my city, and practically in Russia, Segway electric scooter rental center with a gyro system.

He came to the Administration of our Central Park of Culture and Leisure, signed a contract for the rental of the site, paid the rent for the first month and began to prepare for the opening of the rental. I found on the Internet a company that sold Segway with mileage, bought two pieces, made a large pillar with rental information.

According to an announcement in the newspaper, he found an assistant to help, rented a garage box in a nearby parking complex (Segway requires charging batteries at night, it takes only 1 kW to charge completely, it’s 1 ruble at night) and in May 2010 opened Segway rental. And did not lose!

The May holidays inspired me, customers went non-stop, daily profit (minus maintenance and expenses) was obtained in more than three of my stores. It pleased.

Already at the end of the month, applications began to come from customers about ordering Segway for children’s parties, corporate parties, representatives from exhibitions called to their place, several agencies for organizing holidays expressed a desire to include Segway rental in their price lists.

We started going to rental events, it was very interesting there, some of them had Russian pop stars, KVN teams, media people and a lot of very interesting people. It was all extremely positive!

Television came to shoot stories for different programs (free :)). Customers began to be interested in buying Segway, but there were few sales, the equipment was very expensive, but almost everyone could afford to ride for 5 minutes, the price is 150 rubles.

There were times when children rode 10-15 times a day. Sometimes they came straight in whole groups of 10-20 people. Very popular was the service for children. Segway is available for children from 5 years old, but the older generation did not pass by. Everyone rode and took pictures, and on Segway there were signs with our Internet address, people posting photos on their pages on social networks and in this way made us free advertisements.

Already in June, I began to expand the fleet of cars, as on some of the most successful days off, in addition to renting in the park, I had to go to 2-3 rental events (I invited my nephew and his friends to work there). And also young businessmen from neighboring cities, interested in this business, began to come. Later, after years, our own fleet of vehicles grew to 25 units, and we actively worked in Yekaterinburg and Moscow (in which I had a representative office in 2012).

Thus, already in 2010, not only did I have a rental point in the park, and I went to rental events (the cost of renting one Segway per day was 10,000 rubles), but I was already actively selling equipment to new partners for opening a rental. It was not uncommon to rent 2-4 cars for a period of several months, in terms of income and labor costs – this is generally a fairy tale.

Having minimal business costs (renting a storage room and a minimum tax), you can earn rental equipment, as well as rent equipment for any event (weddings, birthdays, corporate parties, presentations, exhibitions, sightseeing tours, promotional events, advertising companies) , to shopping centers … whatever your imagination allows).

And our most successful partners are also actively selling equipment! The exhibition center for them is their own rental point, it is very convenient. The equipment is always in our warehouse, and customers do not have to wait long. We undertake a guarantee and delivery.

Now my MK PROKAT company is the No. 1 multibrand company in Russia selling Segway equipment and its best analogues from leading manufacturers in the USA, China and Europe.

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Simple BUSINESS IDEA in the field of entertainment.
Our reader, who is involved in the Segway rental business, sent us his story about how he raised this rather interesting and profitable business in the entertainment niche from scratch.…